This page is designed to give you a glimpse into various ministry and leadership topics. Contact me for more information on each topic and/or go to my social media spots to generate discussion. I’m happy to expand on the information presented, answer questions, or set up a coaching time with you too.
Huddle Time

Prior to every ministry event, we have a Huddle Time, a 7-10 minute gathering of the team in which I give updates, announcements, short trainings and lead a time of prayer.  To the left is a picture of the team in a Huddle Time. Huddle Times have proven to be an important part of our ministry.

Huddle Time Blessings:
1. Unifying the team.
2. Allowing for quick training times.
3. Providing team members time to learn about the ministry of other teams (i.e. Early Childhood learns about what's happening within the Elementary ministry).
4. Our Senior Pastor joins us on occasion - Huddle Time gives him direct access to the entire team.
5. At times, our Huddle Times are still happening when it’s time to open the wing for the next service. I love when that happens because parents can see our entire team in prayer.
6. Last minute changes are much easier to explain when everyone is gathered together.
Video Huddle Times
NOTE: to view a Video Huddle Time, click on my pic to the right

While I love doing our Huddle Times in person, I was finding that when services went long (yes, that happens at my church too) we lost this precious team time. I also found as we added in more services, parents were often staying for a second service, meaning that kids were being left in our nurseries during what was our Huddle Time. This would mean that our early childhood team were not able to attend our Huddle Times. Sooooo… I came up with the idea of trying Video Huddle Times! Total Game Changer!

Here’s an overview:
1. I use my iPhone to record the video (eventually I will get better equipment, but it works well for now) and use iMovie for editing.
2. I post a link to the video on our team’s Facebook page AND send a link via e-mail to the team each week
3. Every Video Huddle Time includes some type of fun intro, a prayer emphasis and a team highlight, plus the information I want to give the team. I’m also working towards a monthly theme too…but for now, we’re off to a great start with the current format.

Self-Scheduling = A Tale of Perseverance


I recently hired a new Administrative Assistant and figured that since we were already in a season of change, it was a good time to move into a new season of scheduling team members. My previous assistant handled the scheduling in an impressive way - personally contacting everyone to get their month’s schedule. That was an awesome process when we were smaller, but as we have been experiencing growth, I knew we had to move into a new method of scheduling. SO….we went for it with my new hire.

We transitioned by having paper sign-ups for November and December. I had a set of sign-up sheets in our Early Childhood area, one at the desk for our hospitality team, and one in our Elementary area. I also gave advanced warning that this was going to be taking place (e-mails, Huddle Times, Video Huddle Times). I was afraid that we’d have holes within our schedule, but was AMAZED that we didn’t!!

Next, I trained my new assistant to transfer the paper sign-ups into our Planning Center (PCO) scheduling tool (it’s an online scheduling system). This allowed team members to receive reminder e-mails from PCO, which got them used to interacting with the PCO app. I posted instructions within the Video Huddle Times about how to use PCO too.

We are in the final phase of this transition into self-scheduling where we are NOT using paper sign-ups for January and February, but are moving ahead with asking the team to schedule themselves using PCO. There is some resistance and there have been a few requests for us to use paper sign-ups (because they worked so well), but we are pushing forward towards online sign-ups only. For those team members who are resistant to this change, I’m asking them to e-mail their schedules to my assistant. She will then schedule them within PCO and set up a time to train them too. I am also sharing the stories of success with this new process via e-mails, Video Huddle Times and at our Huddle Time on Sundays too. I also have my assistant checking in with people while they are at church, in case she can do a quick tutorial with them.

So my encouragement, leaders, is to remain strong when it comes to changing, be willing to come alongside those who are not completely bought in (this enables you to build relationship with them as you listen to their concerns), and celebrate like crazy with those who are adapting and thriving with the changes.
Lead 45
We combine grades K-5th Grade for our elementary programming. My concern when we made this change was keeping the 4th & 5th graders connected to the ministry. I created a leadership training for this group called Lead 45. We meet once a month on a Sunday morning for training, and then weekly, they serve within the children’s ministry. Lead 45 kids help younger kids in small groups with reading and other activities, they lead worship (notice how many boys are leading!!!), serve as greeters in the children’s wing, and recently were trained to serve as prayer partners.
Parents are LOVING this, younger kids tell me they can’t wait to be in Lead 45, the Student Ministry is excited to welcome in trained leaders when the 5th graders graduate from children’s ministry…and these amazing kiddos are excited to come to children’s ministry programming each week.