Children’s ministry has been Becky’s passion for over twenty years. Whether she’s facilitating large group, coaching leaders, or serving in the schools, Becky is consistently pointing children to Jesus. She is a Children’s Ministry Pastor in the Toledo Metro-Area and the founder of a networking group, Northwest Ohio (NWO) KidMin.

Becky Rydman
If you have an opportunity to participate in a local network for children's ministry - I would highly recommend it.  I work in children, youth and family ministry at a Lutheran church and my neighbor is an active member of another Christian church in our area.  He connected me with Becky Rydman, the children's pastor at his church, who warmly welcomed a conversation with me and then invited me into a kids' ministry group she leads.   NWO KidMin is a group of multi-denominational leaders in children's ministry who are passionate about what they do.  Becky prepares a meeting agenda based on topics that are strategic to our ministry and opens the discussion for the group.  It has been very valuable for me to hear the perspective of others who are in churches of various sizes and denominations.  I've come away with great ideas to try and new ways to face some challenges that we all experience.  Becky is great about sharing information one-on-one as well - helping me with a family night movie pick and discussion points to go along with the movie!  What I've come to admire most is that Becky is truly interested in each of our churches doing well and bringing children and families to Christ.  My church is 2 to 2 1/2 miles away from Becky's - but there is no "competition" - there is only doing the best we can for the families that we serve and how to reach those that we don't yet serve.  I am grateful to have found Becky and to be welcomed into this group!
                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Donna Mens