Becky Rydman - BrickWall

Children’s ministry has been Becky’s passion for over twenty years. Whether she’s facilitating large group, coaching leaders, or serving in the schools, Becky is consistently pointing children to Jesus. She is a Children’s Ministry Pastor in the Toledo Metro-Area and the founder of a networking group, Northwest Ohio (NWO) KidMin.


NWO KinMin
Feb. 13, 2020                   Where: McCord Road Christian Church


Feb. 12, 2020                   Where: MORNING MUNCH @ YESFM                                         Topic: Keep Watch Prayer





Jan. 27, 2020                    Where: YESFM Toledo, OH                                                          Topic: Keep Watch Prayer

Jan 14-16, 2020               Where: Caribe Royale Orlando - Orlando, FL                           Topic: Leading Breakout & Personal Coaching Sessions

- SUMMER / FALL 2019 -




Ryan Sebastian : Youth & Culture Podcast
October, 2019                       Topic: Partnering With Schools

NWO KidMin
Sept. 12th, 2019                   Where: McCord Road Christian Church - Sylvania, OH             Topic: Having a Back-Up Plan In Place

Aug. 11th, 2019                   Where: McCord Road Christian Church - Sylvania, OH              Service Times  -  8:00am, 9:15am, 10:45am, 12:15pm

NWO KidMin
Aug. 5th, 2019                     Where: McCord Road Christian Church - Sylvania, OH              Topic: Reaching The Surrounding Community Through Schools

Summer XP 2019
June 17th-21st, 2019          Where: McCord Road Christian Church - Sylvania, OH

- WINTER / SPRING 2019 -




Nick Blevins : Family Ministry Podcast
March, 2019                       Topic: Partnering With Schools




Keep Watch "IT'S TIME" annual Volunteer and Appreciation / Fund Raiser Event
Feb. 26th, 2019                  Where: Holland, OH


Jan 15-17, 2019               Where: Caribe Royale Orlando - Orlando, FL                           Topic: Leading Breakout & Personal Coaching Sessions


Article featuring our uniquely branded VBS program, SummerXP

... We decided to trust God and keep registration open throughout the week. Preregistered kids were assigned to a multi-grade-level group (3-5 kids per group). We then encouraged kids to invite friends throughout the week, and when their friends came, they were placed into the same group. God provided enough leaders for us to have the flexibility to keep Summer XP (eXPerience) open to any child who wanted to attend.

What tip would you give other churches for having a great VBS? Do what you can to be unique in your community—we call our program Summer XP (eXPerience) so it stands out from the other churches that do Vacation Bible School. Next year we are going to design and write our own curriculum too so that we are unique and hopefully draw in new kids.

I have enjoyed the NWO KidMid meetings as they are so very helpful for our Children’s Ministry.  Becky leads us in prayer as we together discuss topics and ideas that we are able to take back monthly to our church.  It is always so reassuring and comforting to know that others have a similar situation and many of the same challenges that I have.  I love how we are able to share what is working so well with our children and families as well take time to reflect on areas we know that God is calling us to lead in a bigger way.  Becky leads our meetings in such a thoughtful way each month. I have come to the meetings tired, worried, stressed, joyful, excited and I am always glad I took the time to attend. NWO KidMid has given me a place where I feel welcomed and that I belong.  We all are in different places in our ministry but we are working to glorify God. NWO KidMin and the friendship that I have found with Becky is so special. I am grateful God lead me to NWO KidMin that is under Becky’s leadership.
Jeanette Axford
Coordinator of Family Ministries
First Presbyterian Maumee